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About Perpetual Industries

What We Do

Perpetual Industries is an incubator for the development of new and innovative energy efficient technologies.

One of our prime areas of focus is the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions for the blockchain industry. Current research and development efforts are underway for the creation of our proprietary Green Energy Mining (GEM) System. Incorporation of Masternodes, Proof of Stake, Proof of Work, and Dapps are all part of our GEM System.

Our goal is to advance and integrate green energy power sources such as solar, wind, and hydro into computer processing to lessen the environmental impact and cost of power consumed by miners in the fast emerging global decentralized Blockchain industry.

The Company has also developed a proprietary technology known as The XYO Mechanical Balancing Technology.

XYO is designed specifically to eliminate vibration in rotating equipment to create energy efficient, environmentally responsible products. Our expertise associated with the XYO technology is a result of over 25 years of research & development in a wide variety of industries. Current projects under development include the commercialization of a proprietary vertical axis wind turbine called The Windsilo and the OEM manufactured XYO enhanced domestic washing machine.

Today, we are looking to expand our expertise and knowledge of energy efficient technology by developing low cost, green energy powered solutions for a variety of industries including renewable energy, blockchain mining, artificial intelligence, graphic rendering, and cloud computing while continuing our research, development, and commercialization of the XYO Technology in key applications.

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