XYO Mechanical Balancer

XYO Technology has Unlimited Potential

Everything That Rotates Needs To Be Balanced

The XYO Technology delivers energy efficient, high performance solutions for rotating equipment, machinery and devices

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XYO Balancing Technology

  • XYO can be customized for virtually everything that rotates, creating an unlimited market potential
  • The XYO Mechanical Balancing Technology is a proprietary design.
  • Optimized specifically to eliminate vibration in rotating equipment and to create environmentally responsible products operate more efficiently.

With and Without XYO
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  • Perpetual's proprietary technology is known as The XYO Mechanical Balancing Technology.
  • XYO was designed specifically to eliminate vibration in rotating equipment to create environmentally responsible products.
  • We are world experts in vibration reduction and development of innovative, energy efficient products using The XYO Balancing Technology

How XYO Technology Works

XYO harnesses rotor displacement energy to move compensating masses within components of the system, which corrects for the imbalance of the rotor and substantially reduces vibration.

The XYO Advantages

  • Significantly Decreases Vibration & Power Consumption

  • Reduces Mechanical Wear/Tear & Maintenance Costs

  • Lowers Noise Emmissions & Optimizes Efficiency

The Reduction of Vibration When Using XYO Technology

Automotive Driveshaft91%
Washing Machines89%
Refrigeration Compressors85%
Industrial Fans83%
Engine Fan80%
Professional Angle Grinders63%
Boat Propellers47%
Electric Trolling Motors41%

Engineering Reports and Technical Data

Please visit our technical website for more about XYO at: www.xyobalancer.com

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